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At A Vital Need Marketing, we are results driven. We listen to your vision, we see the dream, we develop the playbook.

Why do you need a business consultant? Before you spend thousands of dollars on that franchise…before you throw in the towel on a business that hasn’t seen black ink in years…before you cash out your 401K to open that dream opportunity, call me.

I’m Dean Vitale, a lifelong entrepreneur offering business consulting for new and already established businesses. I’ve been in business since I was 16 years old. Now, in my late 50’s, I’ve owned and operated retail stores, restaurants, service companies and have been marketing most of my life. Understanding the power of the internet at its infancy stage, I’ve marketed everything from cigar humidors, to jewelry to Barack Obama commemorative merchandise, successfully. I know how to take advantage of trends and I have a natural eye for winners. It’s unfortunate when I go into a new restaurant or establishment and I see the top common mistakes that will eventually lead to the demise of that establishment. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I’m passionate about helping people succeed.

An experienced set of “Fresh Eyes”

Things are ever changing in the world of business and you need to keep up with the new way of connecting with people and customers on their terms. The message is not just “buy this” anymore. Through funnel marketing the message is “trust me –when you trust me you will value my recommendations”. I have made all the mistakes and lost all the money by making these mistakes. I can help you by identifying the problems and implementing solutions. I simply don’t tell you – I show you. There’s nothing more joyful to me when I see a local entrepreneur smile as a campaign strategy goes from paper to profit.

I take a relational approach as we succeed together. Take the first step – complete the contact form and you’ll hear from me as we build your business together.

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