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Instagram Management

Our social media strategists will develop an Instagram that works for your company’s specific needs - not only that but we will maintain your account.

New social media sites can be intimidating for small businesses, however they are vital in growing your business in the 21st century. Let A Vital Need curate an Instagram special to your company.

Our strategist will find your target market of people/clients through hashtag searches, and interact with people that would be relevant to your content. Next, we would find out what locations to Geo target that would be best fit for your business. So, if you're a local business trying to gain local exposure, we would target your city, cities around you and anyone Geo checking in at locations all throughout your city. Now if you were a business with an Instagram that wanted to target global people/customers, then we would target the specific locations globally for you which could be farther cities, states, countries or even continents. But that’s not all, after gathering up this data with you and setting up your customized plan together, we then interact within this target market of people from your Instagram account. Morning, afternoon and night, literally 24 hours of the day, we will be interacting with potential clients in your targeted market. What will we be doing? Liking their photos, commenting on their profiles casually or strategically and following them.

It’s way too much to put on your plate, let A Vital Need handle it ensuring you get the results you want to see.

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